Jackpot V3 and Skinsbucket released *new addon market live*

Hello Jackpotters,

So finally we have released our newest system for you to enjoy and be safe to use for your website.
We want to talk a little about the system and how it’s setup and build becuase we know setting up a CSGO Jackpot script or CSGO Coinflip Script is not easy.

Csgo jackpot V3 works with coins now and a seperate skins market we call skinsbucket.com, on skinsbucket you are able to deposit skins and withdraw skins.
When deposited you can transfer these coins to the website you want to play on when you are done playing you can transfer the coins back to skinsbucket and widraw a item from the bot storage assigned to that specifiek website.
To be clear for the admins it’s not possible for other website owners to clear out your botstorage because it’s all assigned every website owner has his own bot storage where their clients can deposit and withdraw from.

At this moment skinsbucket works like a charm no issues or bug found  just yet  we are now improving the features from the feedback we recieved from you guys thank you for this.
All CSGO Jackpot V3 client recieve unlimited storage in our bots there are no extra costs and this will be free forever.
We will release a free mini market update to add to your server with your own bots if you are interesserend.
To see our system at work and try it out yourself please go to our client http://csgodank.net you will be able to recieve 50 free credits and test it out yourself

Also check our youtube advertisement video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW97VdRdznU
And if you have any questions please feel free to join our discord : https://discord.gg/56RqQXx

Small update on csgo.network members area
We now offer PayPal You need to manualy request this by opening a ticket.
CSGO skins are also accepted with 15% over pay ( or 1 key per 2 euro )
To buy skins with PayPal safely click here 

Also you are now able to buy themes/addons for V2 and V3 on http://market.csgo.network
These are created by the community and are safe to use all tested by the csgo.network staff

On final note we are offering all new clients a coupon for 20% off on CSGO Jackpot V3 this comes with FREE coinflip when coinflip is being released
The coupon code : EZDEAL
Order it now right here : https://csgo.network/members/cart.php

Kind regards,

CEO of CSGO.network


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