First Post about our upcoming coin system

This new update basically removes all the skins from the jackpot, because when you transfer the Credits to your site your skins remain on the central market system. More about that a bit later.

The Credit based jackpot is almost the same as the previous one, except there are no longer any Steam releated errors that can ruin a user’s experience, or just slow down the process in general.

With the old version it took 6 to 17 seconds to accept an offer, but it was very stable and reliable. Still, a 6-17 window was too long and there was nothing we could do about it, it all depended on the Steam web API, and how fast it responded to the successful transactions.

With the new Credit based Jackpot a bet can be made in less than a second. The moment you enter the amount you want to bet and click the deposit button your Credits will show up on the website.

It also uses websockets and an updated chat so you no longer have to worry about any lag on your website when you have more than 20 people online. The new Jackpot system in theory could handle 100+ users, if ran on a decent VPS.

The animation will use the image slider you could previously buy as an addon, now it will come for free with the new release. Sniping is easily prevented as bets can’t be made in the last few seconds, the Deposit button is disabled until a new round begins.

The whole system is secure and you should not worry about any attacks to your site. If you do notice any error you can easily report it to our support team and we’ll fix everything as soon as possible.

With this new version you no longer have to worry about buying, maintaining and handling any Steam Bots, you only have to run the websocket server for your Jackpot and have it on 24/7 without any trouble.

A new rake system is also added (also a new endround.php), you will automatically get commission sent to your admin account.

Parts of the admin panel might be reworked and removed, we’re not sure yet if the game settings (minimum bet, maximum bet, rake) will be set in MYSQL or the Websocket file. If the system is faster with the websockets then we will go with that instead.

The new Chat system will also include a moderator system a lot of you asked for, allowing them to ban and mute users, but they won’t be able to reach any of the system/game settings.

If this new Jackpot system becomes fairly big, you can expect a CoinFlip update with a Credit system.

All SKIN deposits are processed through a central marketing website, where users can easily transfer Credits to your website.

This way you’re not breaking the new Valve TOS. Users can also report any website if they find parts of it suspicious, and we can easily remove websites that rig pots, etc.

On this marketplace users can easily deposit and withdraw a skin without playing on your site, this is a requirement to safely run complying the new Valve TOS.

When you want to cash out and receive your rake profit, you simply transfer your credits back to this central market, and withdraw skins you can afford.

Users can also transfer Credits from X site to Y site using the marketplace’s Market system.

However if you want to add different methods to your site you can easily add more and more methods for users to gain Credits, it’s all up to you.

Things like G2APay, survey walls are easy to add as a unique addon to your site (getting into those sites as a publisher might be the more difficult part).

More information and public testing will be available soon, this new system is released at the end of September, first week of October in the worst case.

If you’ve got any further questions feel free to join our Discord Page:


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