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Most questions we recieve should be stated down here! if they are not, please contact us through skype, facebook or make a ticket!

We are a young and healthy company located in The Netherlands. With our passion for CS:GO and Jackpots we have decided to setup CSGO.Network. CSGO.Network has helped over 3000 + customers with their websites. You can find a few example at csgo.network/safety.

Profit is made by tax on every game on your website. For example you have a commission rate of 5% you will recieve 5% of all skins from every round. This will be stored on your bot and then you can request this rake.

This fully depends on which package you purchase. If you purchase the standard package without installation service it is up to you how long it takes. The standard rule is : installation of setting up website + 7 day ban of the bot. If you purchase the installation service your site will be completed within 10 days but we aim for 1-4 days. Ready-To-Run's are most likely completed within 1-2 days.


Our script works with HTML / CSS / JS / PHP and the bot works with Node.JS and steam libraries. We keep our script updated and aim for an update every 3 weeks if this is needed.

This can be done by editing information such as max pot settings and rake settings within the admin panel. For more advanced editing such as website layout CSS or other information you can edit the PHP/HTML/CSS files of the script.

We accept SOFORT , Ideal , Bitcoin , Mistercash , Bank transfer and PayPal ( please submit a ticket if you want to pay with PayPal ) In some cases we even accept cs:go skins please make a ticket for a cs:go skin payment.

Add-ons can only be purchased if you have purchased CSGO.Network V2. No exceptions will be made.

This depends on your budget but we often decline custom projects since they take a lot of time for us.

Our support team is available every day. You can contact them if you are stuck or you recieve an error.

On Skype , Facebook and our Ticket system!






PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS AND PLEASE CHECK THE SKYPE USERNAMES YOU ADD! CSGO.Network employees will never ask for your password.

Facebook :


If you only purchase CSGO Jackpot V2 You will need a VPS ( you can find this at DigitalOcean.com - use our ref code for 10$ off ! - ) You will also need a Steam bot account which has 5$ funds on it. A domain will be needed if you want to have a domain for your website.

We defenitely wont recommend webhosting. VPS can be very cheap and can start at 5$ a month for 512MB RAM at DigitalOcean.com

CSGO.Network never does refunds. Exceptions are made if we didn't complete our services or there was a technical issue.

This is absolutely forbidden and would lead into a suspended account. Please use the script just for 1 website!

For short term your cheapest option would be CSGO Jackpot V2 , cheap hosting at DigitalOcean.com and get a cheap domain!

For long term your cheapest option would be Ready-To-Run

There is a guide included in our scripts which help you with the setup of your website.


CSGO.Network is a trademark of Thinqonline. We are a Online marketing agency that supports allot of business partners in The Netherlands.

CSGO.network Trademark COC number : 32133316 deposited in Flevoland, Netherlands. More information & Terms of Service.


Are you a HTML / CSS / Javascript developer ? And would you like to have experience? Contact us!


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