Why CSGO.Network?

Well for a lot of reasons, but mostly because...

Valve TOS Compliant

All our scripts are made by our developers. The scripts are fully operational and are compliant with Valve terms of Service.

Safe and Secure

We are an international company located in The Netherlands. You can find us through our chamber of commerce number or get on our Discord channel to see our community.

Open Support

We have evolved in a support system where contributors and our team help each other. We believe that this is the best way to stimulate people to help each other and deliver max satisfaction.

"New CS:GO Jackpot Era, We are ready!"

Since the release of CSGO.Network V3, we have seen over 40 jackpot V3 websites with our source and 3000 jackpot V2 clients. We update our scripts to make them fully stable and up-to-date. Our script is the standard source. You are able to purchase several add-ons for your source at market.csgo.network. CSGO.Network V3 Uses Socket.io (websockets) instead of AJAX to run a fully working CS:GO Jackpot website.

  • CSGO.Network V2
  • 24.95 per One time
  • Admin panel
  • Skins vs Skins
  • No Coin system
  • Able to run two jackpots
  • Jackpot V3
  • 39.99 per One time
  • Admin panel
  • Valve ToS Compliant
  • No bots required
  • Shopaddon + €20
  • Ready To Run
  • 349,99 per Starting from
  • Full Hosting 1 Year
  • CSGO Bots included
  • Full setup
  • 1 Year maintance

CSGO.im A CSGO.Network Official Partner

CSGO.im provides high quality service with their BOT api but also provide pricing api and inventory loading API


We have evolved our eco support system where we and contributors help our customers. This makes it possible to think open-minded and create a fast and helpful support system.

We strive forward for a community system with our clients to create a client based project. Our contributors all over the world are ready to help you solve your problems related to our jackpot systems. We do giveaways on our Discord channel and we have surveys to improve our jackpot systems. With over 600 active users the CSGO.Network Discord is the place to be to improve your cs:go jackpot experience.

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CSGO.Network is a trademark of Thinqonline. We are a Online marketing agency that supports allot of business partners in The Netherlands.

CSGO.network Trademark COC number : 32133316 deposited in Flevoland, Netherlands. More information & Terms of Service.


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